Ban phones from Weddings!


Many photographers have said that mobile phones should now be banned from weddings to stop snap crazy guests from ruining the couple’s professional shots.

Social media has taken over a lot of our lives and now weddings are suffering too. Those ‘hungry-for-likes’ guests selfishly take over the occasion and get in the way of the photographer.

Not only do the shots the photographer sets up get ruined, but the image about to be taken gets taken away from the bride and her family as it will never get processed. Everyone now thinks they are a photographer but lack the skills of setting up the right shot at the right time.

I have seen a few ‘unplugged’ weddings start to happen on the island - where phones are banned for the day - and personally think it’s a great idea. Why spoil it for those coming to the evening party who will then see what the bride and groom look like, or how the venue is dressed? The whole element of surprise and joy is gone before they’ve even left their house for the party.

Sit back relax and enjoy the day for what it is. Two people who have invited you to share in their special day.

Besides, once the evening party gets started, there’ll be fun to be had with phones, Photo Booths from yours truly and much more. A print of you being silly in one of our Booths, stuck on your fridge, will be so much more worthwhile than a picture on your mobile phone that will disappear further down your albums and then long forgotten. Enjoy and live the moment. You won’t regret it!

Carl Davies