Here at Shuffles Events we are pleased to have teamed up with another local island company in providing unique Flower Walls to be used as a backdrop with our amazing Flash Pod experience.

These exciting new Flower Wall Backdrops are very popular on the mainland and we are pleased they have arrived here on the Isle of Wight. Inspired by celebrity weddings such as Kim Kardashian’s, the images of that lavish wedding went viral around the world, which left everyone talking about it. These stunning Flower Wall backdrops are available on the Isle of Wight, made in the UK with quality silk and consist of hundreds of fabric flowers which are hand crafted and applied individually to create a realistic and natural looking floral backdrop.


These Flower walls are really amazing and look so lifelike - it’s amazing they don’t emit any scent! You can choose from Classic Ivory, Blush Pink and the very realistic Light Pink Peony wall which is perfect to vintage/rustic weddings that seem to be so on trend this year..

Not only for weddings but these Flower Walls can be used for birthday parties & celebrations, baby showers and corporate events too.


There is really no better way than to wow your guests with with one of these beautiful flower walls as one of the backdrops to your Flash Pod Experience. As well as them being available in 3 different colours, they are completely freestanding so can be placed anywhere, making a stunning backdrop for top tables, selfies or at a stunning garden party.

Do get in touch to reserve yours asap!

flower walls.png
Carl Davies