The Photo BOOTH

bored guests?  Not when you book a photo booth!

Watch the video and see how the photo booth can really make your event special.

our photo booth Packages START FROM JUST £445
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We've put together 3 simple choices for our Photo Booth hire.  Prices are all inclusive and are manned by experienced staff.  We offer a friendly, local and reliable service that islanders know and trust.  If there's something you need that is not listed, just get in touch using the online chat (bottom right).

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Here's some answers to our most asked questions

Q:  What's the difference between the POD and the BOOTH?
A: The Booth is a fully enclosed photo experience where you squeeze in and shut the curtain.  The POD is just an open version of a BOOTH where guests can see what's going on and there's a bit more space for capturing larger groups. 

Q: So the photo booth takes photographs, how do people see them?
A:  They are printed straight out of the booth in 8 seconds for them to take away!  They also go online if you want them to - check out our gallery.

Q: Why do I need a photo booth if everyone has a phone?
A: This is truly a photo experience like no other. The booth is small and a squeeze on purpose.  Once the curtain closes, it's dark and overly familiar and you can't help but giggle and laugh.   Your guests will interact, play the fool and loose their inhibitions!  Nothing beats the lighting, background and feeling of a photo booth!  Trust us.. it's awesome.

Q:  How big is it?
A: It's just 2m x 1m x 2m and requires shelter and a single 13Amp socket.

Q:  What's so important about the backdrop?
A: The backdrop provides a consistent look and feel to all your photographs, free from distractions!  A good backdrop makes the subject shine and helps our booth images have a truly fabulous feel to them.  We have over 25 different backdrops to choose from.

Q:  Will it fit in with the theme of my wedding?
A:  The great thing about our photo booth is that you can choose a cover to suit your theme or venue! Our new Gold Glitter cover is simply stunning!  We have a cover to suit every event and for corporate events, we often have them custom made.

Q:  What size are the prints and how many do I get?
A:  The prints are either 6x4 photographs or classic 6x2 strips. They can have anything up to 4 photographs on them.  Every event can have a custom designed print too!  We do not currently use templates but prefer each of our clients to have something unique and memorable - right in keeping with their own event.

Q: Can children use the booth?
A: Our booth has a robust seat that kids can climb onto to ensure that they can reach the camera level.  Our attendant will always be on hand to help and advise.

Q:  Can I ask more questions?
A: Sure thing.  Just use the live chat feature (bottom right), email us at or better yet give us a call on 01983 898314.  We are always happy to help and pride ourselves on our incredible customer service.


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