How to beat the arrival of 'Wedding Fatigue'


It happens to all of us at one stage or another. Too many wedding invites arriving through our letterbox.. Worrying about the cost of buying wedding gifts for everyone, not having enough holiday left to go along, sometimes it can all be too much!

EVERYONE you know seems to be getting married… Once one couple gets engaged and married, then every one else in the circle is at it and before you know it, you look ahead to the summer and all you can see is wedding, wedding, wedding, wedding! You’ve morphed into a perennial guest!

Did you know the majority of weddings you attend in your life are likely to happen within 3-4 years of each other? That may sound like a long time but when you work out all the money you need to spend in that time on gifts, honeymoon donations then weekends away, overnight stays, time off work, new outfits etc - it all adds up and seems like too much. If this sounds like you, Dr Shuffles may diagnose you with dreaded Wedding Fatigue ;)

Don’t worry though, we can bring you a few new remedies to help combat this fatigue from our past experiences and reignite the fun of your friends’ upcoming weddings. Read on..

Make a weekend of it, above all else!

We used to turn our wedding weekends into mini holidays! Most weddings tend to be on a Friday or Saturday which means you have some time to turn it into a treat for you guys. Search out a nice hotel nearby, look out for cosy pubs for a Sunday lunch or track down some lovely walks to blow those cobwebs away. If I were you, I’d aim for all 3 - you might as well make the most of the time away! If you are lucky enough to attend a wedding on our beautiful Isle of Wight, then I can assure you, you won’t need anything else than beach walks, pubs and cosy hotels to help you recover.


Go big and build a holiday around it. Why not?!

Many guests freak out at the thought of paying for a trip overseas to attend a friend’s wedding which is understandable but when you are planning a holiday anyway, doesn’t it make sense to tag on a few days after and explore a new location? We had a close friend who chose to to get married in Santorini and we were excited to head there as that was always on our bucket list as one of those places we wanted to see ourselves. We weren’t disappointed by the way ;) On another occasion, we headed to the South of France for a wedding then chose to explore the french coast by driving along to Italy as part of our holiday. Wedding & holiday - 2 birds with 1 stone, do you see? There’s always new places to discover wherever you go so join the two together and it won’t feel like a total waste of money having to go abroad.

Enjoy it whilst you can!

Friends, nieces, cousins & other family members only plan to marry the once so remember those invitations arriving on your doormat like something out of Groundhog Day won’t last forever. I remember one year we went to 8 weddings and whenever I moaned about it, I was told that I’d miss them when they’re gone. And I do… I haven’t attended a wedding as a guest for a few years now and can’t see any weddings we will be invited to in the future either - I’m just waiting for my nephews to get hitched now! I’ve noticed there is an internal shift that happens to wedding guests as they get older. You go from “Hey this is a great party with friends” to a much deeper understanding of the commitment that those two in front of you are undertaking. So grab the opportunity with both hands - enjoy each unique wedding and have fun! Get dressed up, catch up with friends and celebrate with your nearest and dearest.


Reconnect with old and new

Writing this there’s a link I see and this can fall into any of the above sections but being able to arrange some quality time with old friends, away from the main wedding, is another bonus to attending a wedding. There’ll be people you used to hang out with who’ve moved away or live too far away from you and time slips by since you last saw them. Get in touch when you know they are attending and arrange to spend some time together laughing and reminiscing. We had a great wedding to attend in southern Spain I remember and I think it was one of the greatest times I’ve spent with friends as we were all flying from across Europe to be in one place. Everyone together for a few days and great times.

One of the best ways of remembering all these precious times is with a Photo Booth. The Booth helps with all of these remedies as you get to keep a fantastic snippet of that wedding with your friends frozen in that moment. That picture, that moment. It lasts a lifetime..

Carl Davies