Photo Booths are still bang on!


How many times have you seen or heard a great trend hitting weddings and before it's even begun; someone, somewhere is already declaring it “over"? The Photo Booth is one of those trends; it’s gone from a fun novelty to a common occurrence at almost every wedding. Now many couples we speak to at wedding fayres are worried it’s overdone... But before you put away those hilarious props and fake wigs, we've listed below five reasons why it is still worth having a Photo Booth on your special day here on the Isle of Wight. 

1. First & foremost, it’s a great source of entertainment for young & old.. Having a few activities besides dancing at your reception is a great way to make sure ALL your guests have fun. More often than not, people will want to take a break from grooving on the dance floor during the evening, and the Photo Booth provides a nice fun escape. It’s also a good place for people to gather and laugh about the day, and meet new friends! 

2. It creates a lasting wedding favour— for you and all your guests. We've found guests appreciate taking home a great photo of themselves laughing with their friends, their children or even with you! But even if they don’t care about that, you & your newly married other half will love having hilarious pictures of your wedding guests to look back on for years to come. If you think of it as a modern-day guest book, it seems daft to skip it just because it’s been done before.. Our range of recycled leather-bound guest books are something to treasure! 

3. Not everyone spends hours on Pinterest like you have done ;) Whilst your newly engaged chief bridesmaid might think a Photo Booth is old hat, that’s probably because she’s got wedding fatigue - always the bridesmaid and all that ;) But your Uncles, Aunts and all the other guests who don’t attend many weddings will likely still find one of our Photo Booths totally unique and memorable.

4. Ever Photo Booth is different. We should know, we have 7 to choose from!  Amazingly, the feel at each of the 600+ odd weddings we have done so far has been totally different.  It could be the venue, the styling, the guests, the food, the music - every minor thing altered makes for a truly unique experience. Each of our Photo Booths ends up being truly individual - with a choice of different covers and backgrounds, it makes for just over 130 unique combinations! 

5. Just because other weddings you attended had a Photo Booth doesn't mean you should miss out on one! Photo Booths have become part of wedding tradition now and if you like it, why not have one at yours? Take a look now at our Photo Booth page and start planning your unique Photo Booth from Shuffles Events!



Carl Davies