Me? Bridezilla?!


After your sister got married, you made a mental note to yourself not to become a total ‘bridezilla’ like she was. You’ve calmly chipped away at the monstrous task of planning a wedding for 150 guests, in an effort not to become a monster yourself. Guests haven’t RSVP’d on time, the dress alterations are too tight, and the weather is due to thunderstorm on your wedding day.

For all the hassle, and the indecision over this colour napkin or that, as millions of brides in the course of history would agree, it will be worth it. Once it’s over, you’ll likely breathe a sigh of relief, but you’ll also want to remember how magical your wedding day was. Surrounded by your favourite people in the world, you will want something tangible to remember the night forever. And that, is where a guest photobook from Shuffles Events comes in.

Guest books have been a long standing tradition at weddings and other special occasions. People typically write congratulations, best wishes for the future or other kind words. However, traditional guest books do little to capture the grin on your husband’s face, the elegance of your bridesmaid, or the silly faces your Dad made. As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. For an event as picture perfect as yours, why not have a guest book that’s actually a scrapbook with photos from the night instead?

Photo booth rentals make it easy for guests to take multiple pictures that conveniently print on the spot. Guests can add their photo booth photos directly into the guestbook and each create their own special message. The result is a guest photo book that’s entertaining for people to flip through over the course of the event, and a wonderful keepsake for you to cherish after the fact.

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Carl Davies