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Want your guests to have the BEST time at your wedding?

You need a PLAN! Fortunately we've discovered a formula for creating the most amazing wedding.

We can help YOU! 

For this post, we're going to be looking at the evening reception and how to ensure your guests leave with the biggest smile on their faces and just don't want the evening to end. 

Step 1 - The DJ

It's imperative that your guests do not get bored with the DJ! Your chosen DJ can and should play all the requests that come flying to them but at times, it's nice to get away from the tunes, rest those feet and have some fun downtime. Have a think what your guests may enjoy and try to cater for everyone's needs.

Step 2 - On Trend

Look at what others are doing. You'll no doubt be going to a few of your friends' weddings before yours so gauge what's hot and what people love doing at the reception. If it's popular, there's a reason and it might be great idea to incorporate that into your own day. 

Step 3 -  Families

It's important that both sides of your new family mingle, mix and have a laugh together. After all, many of them will have never met each other.  What better way than to share a giggle, it's what Shuffles Events is all about.

Step 4 - Give something back

Every one loves a freebie and there's no better way of doing this than by ensuring all or some of your guests walk away with a goodie. Whether it be a bag of sweets, a charity donation or better yet a Photo Booth print!

Step 5 - Entertainment

This gets booked up very quickly so you need to act fast! What entertainment you choose can have a massive impact on the party aspect of the wedding. Also look at different parts of your day, there are lots of different options from garden games hire, candy floss carts,  photo booths, fun casinos….anything goes! Choose something that fits in with your theme and tone of the day.  

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