Vodka Luge

If you really want to let your hair down, the Vodka Luge is the perfect party piece. Literally thousands of hand crafted Vodka Luges, in every shape imaginable, have been at all the right parties!

For those of you who have just discovered ‘The Luge’, a Vodka Luge is an ice sculpture with a narrow channel carved through it used to chill a beverage for drinking. Liquid, normally vodka or another spirit, is poured into a channel at the top of the ice luge and dispensed at the bottom of the channel, either into the mouth of the waiting ‘luge-ist’ or directly into your martini glass!  Lit from below, a Vodka Luge will be the talking point of your night, guaranteeing a great celebration with every drop.

If you are looking to create brand awareness, engage your guests, or add a wow factor to your corporate party – check out our ice logos and bespoke ice sculptures many of which can be created as a Vodka Luge!

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