Why Choose Shuffles Casino?

The casino is classic entertainment for all ages and all Isle of Wight venues.  It’s a great activity to get people up from the dinner tables and socialising with others.  No-one wants to dance straight after a meal so give them something to do!

Our standard hire period is 2 hours, leaving loads of time for dancing into the wee hours.

A private casino…just for you

That’s exactly right.  The Shuffles Casino has one major difference to the real deal though.  It’s just for FUN!  No money exchanges hands on the night other than the Shuffles Bank Notes.  The rest of the experience is perfection.

What games can you play?

Shuffles Casino can offer you Blackjack, Roulette or Poker.  Each table is delivered, set up and run by our dedicated in house team of professional, highly skilled croupiers.  Choose to have one or more tables of each – we have lots, to cater for any size event.

Everyone loves to WIN

You guys play, we keep score.  We don’t deal in real cash but we do keep tabs on who has been the biggest winner.  It means that there is something to play for and rivalries will soon fester!  At the end of the session someone will emerge victorious and be allowed to strut their way to the dance floor.

Thanks again for being so patient with us all…  no-one had a clue how to play at first.  Can’t believe I won!

Thanks so much for the Casino, I know my husband LOVED it – despite losing everything on the last spin!