The AMAZING Photo booth

by Wight Photobooths

What is a photo booth?

Our photo booths are like mini photo studios.  You grab some friends, choose some fancy dress props if you want, then squeeze yourselves in and press GO.  Our photo booth then takes 4 awesome images and prints them out immediately for your guests to take away.

“Can’t find the words to say how fantastic the photo booth was at our wedding. Our guests had a blast!”

“Thank you so much!  The guest book is so awesome, we will treasure it forever”

Think you can do it yourself?

Think again.  Our photo booths are state of the art and offer heaps of advantages of DIY solutions.

  • No relying on Uncle Steve to take the photos (who’s had a beer or 3).  Our photo booth is automated AND comes with an attendant.
  • No costly polaroid film – we generally take 500+ photos and use a professional instant printer.
  • No buying of expensive props – we provide an awesome box full of stuff.
  • No empty guest book at the end of the night… we can take care of that for you too!

You need one at your party..OK!

The photo booth is fast becoming a ‘must-have’ and it won’t be long before guests will expect there to be one at your event.  It’s such incredible entertainment both during & more importantly, after the event!

  • It’s completely personalisable (is that a word!)
  • Our staff are extremely helpful and enthusiastic
  • Our design team will wow you with a customised print
  • We are experts having done well over 100 events and have a full support crew with spares.

Why choose our booth?

Our photo booths have been designed by a top-class studio portrait photographer. Everything about our booth has been custom designed to give amazing results and first class images.

  • It’s so fast! We can get through 240 photographs an hour.
  • It really compact.  Just 1.7m long x 0.9m wide and needs just a single socket
  • It’s extremely rugged.  Squeeze as many people as you can into it.  We’ve had 11!
  • It’s gorgeous to look at is completely at home at your wedding venue.
  • We are here to stay.  Our core business is photoboothing!
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Vintage Damask Cover

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